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Friday, June 13, 2014

Kingdom of Shadows: Game 30

Chapter 4.0.1
 “Game of Death”

Adventure areas:  Shadelands: Sacred Cave

Aldar holds the Cryptex high into the air.  Finally, he has unlocked the secret his father has passed down to him.  "The power... I can feel it!", he says enlightened.

The energy coalesces into the form of a glowing crystal.  In his mind, he knows what this device can do.  He knows he can energize any mechanical device and give it endless power.  He knows he can enhance the power of any magical power exponentially.  This is what Ioun has been searching for... and what the Demon King was afraid of.  He knows now what he must do...

"The damn Demon is making this too easy for me..."

The chamber doors close, and the huge Orc known as Maxus presents himself.  Four giant creatures appear in each corner of the room and begin slowly closing in on the unprepared party.

"I'm here to make that mine, Elf.", the Ork speaks to Aldar, his eyes fixed on the crystal.  "Did your king really fall for the lies his scouts told him?  We have ways of bending men to our will."

The group looks around helplessly, cornered in the trap.

"We can do this the fun way, or the easy way... I present you with a challenge.  Defeat my monsters, and you can take me on alone.  That seems fair?"

The party decides quickly and tells Maxus they accept his challenge.  The Orc steps back into the doorway, and watches on as you prepare to fight his monsters.

Adio calls down the power of his Judgements to sense his enemies.  He is granted the knowledge that they are fighting two Nightwalkers and two Red Dragons.  He is able to make the fight slightly easier by discovering their strengths and weaknesses.

In the middle of the fight, Jace notices some shadowy figure cowering behind the huge Orc.  It's Trayzen, one of Jace's Dark Elf contacts.  Rage builds up inside of Jace.  "You betrayed me!", he yells holding out his hand.

A shadow-like nightmare streaks out from Jace's hand, the Orc steps aside confused.  Trayzen stands up straight, black tendrils streaking through his eyes and ears.  "Nooooooo!", he yells before falling dead to the ground.  "Die from your greatest fears, turncoat!", Jace says with gritted teeth.

"The hell was THAT!?", Maxus says confused.

The fight rages on until finally the party manages to defeat the massive monsters.  Tired from Maxus' challenge, the Orc steps forward, flexing his huge arms.  "Dis outa be fun.  I haven't had a real fight in a long time!"

Maxus, 7th General of Netheria

Maxus rushes forth, and with one blow, so fast even the quickest of you could only see a blur, he kills Adio's Tiger companion Hobbes!

Moments later, Lawrence is impaled and wrapped up in a grapple by the strange symbiotic green skin of Maxus.

Adio uses his Judgement sense again to find out that the skin is that of a Spined Devil. and Maxus has grafted itself on his body!

With this knowledge, Adio casts a Banishment spell.  Hearing the holy words being spoken, Maxus turns to look at Adio with terror on his face, "What are you doing!  You can't do that!", he yells in horror.

Adio casts his spell and nearly rips the Devil Skin from it's host.  Maxus screams in agony as the skin rushes to bond with its host.

Adio musters up all his willpower and casts a second Banishment!  This time, the Orc and his Symbiote are flushed into a portal to the Hell Plane.

The smell of brimstone fills the air as the portal closes, the Orcish screams of terror stop.

Next time on, "Maxus is cooler than Venom", will Spider-Man have any other influences on how the DM writes this campaign??  Find out next time, on The Amazing Orc-Man!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kingdom of Shadows: Game 29

Chapter 3.9.1
“Cryptex Unlocked!”

Adventure areas:  Celestia, Shadelands: Sacred Cave

The warriors of Celestia have won the day against the Ancient Titan.  The beast carved a path across the land that will never heal.

Argos Welling approaches the King, "Sire.  You called."

King Marcus Bright waves his hand, "Please stand, friend.  Tell me, what are the reports on our losses."  His mood is somber.

"The damage is dire my king.  That monster carved a rift 50 feet deep for over 100 miles of land and destroyed everything in a mile radius.  The magical fires it left will not go out... how do you prepare for something such as this again?"

The King, defeated looks to the ground.. searching for an answer.  Raising his head, he says, "You can't.  We were only lucky to have you..." he turns to face you.

"If you were not here we would have perished.  Down to the last man."

Argos hangs his head.  "Our defenses are strained sire.  We must fortify..."

The King spits out, "No!  We shall find no quarter.. no shelter here!  Or anywhere else for that matter.  We cannot stay holed up behind walls anymore.  It's time to act."  

He looks over to your group, "We must end this... if it is the last thing we do.  Now.  There is no other way.  If we are what the damn Demon wants, that is what he shall receive!  Let us attack him head on and end his suffering, or our own.  Let us attack them where they are most vulnerable... and kill all of his goddamn 'generals' on the way to take his head!"

"What are you suggesting??", asks Argos.

"Give me one hour to... ", he looks at you all and smirks mischievously.  "...prepare.  We attack at daylight, when the dark ones are most vulnerable.  I've had enough of  these games."

King Marcus Andross Bright

The hour passes by quickly... you have that much time to prepare.
Argos Welling awaits you at the ruined gates of Celestia Castle.

"Seems like you're all ready.  I know I'm not.  I've seen the King get that look before.. usually it has something to do with losing his bleedin' mind."

The King returns with his honor guard, clad in resplendent golden armor that seems to emit a holy light.  "Please, walk with me.  I have some.. friends we must meet."  He waves his hand and a stairway made of light appears before you.

Climbing the stairway to some unknown heaven, you pass through the clouds and up into the stars.  Each step brings you to some unknown part of the galaxy.  You pass through space and time... lightyears in a footstep.  Upon taking your last step, you find yourself standing on solid ground at the Omnicient Master's temple where you once trained to find your inner power.

You can see many familiar faces standing upon the ring where you once trained.

Elven Loremaster Chronos and Elven Ranger Alvion Silverleaf of Faydark, Priate Captain Buck Tidewell of the Sundown Islands, Dwarf Lord Korvin Brock of Axengard, , Mayor Barty Coldwell of Underhill and General Demarco Jade of Celestia.

The King steps up to join them.  "These... are my companions.  Some call us 'The Seven', when in reality we are Eight.  Demarco here was unfortunately unaccounted for in our historical tales.  My wife, the Queen is missing from our ranks since the damn Demon has taken her prisoner."

You have all heard the stories of the Seven Adventurers of old, who fought and defeated the ancient evil.  They saved the world from falling into darkness...

The Legendary Heroes

Chronos Fateweaver steps forward, "I'm not sure if we can defeat the Demon King in his own realm..."

Korvin Brock adds, "C'mon Elf, you still have some spark in ya!"

Alvion Silverleaf says, "One thousand years and they still argue."

Barty Coldwell sings, "The Elf and the Dwarf fought over the horse..."

Buck Tidewell laughs, "Now there's a tale I'll never forget... ahahahh!"

Demarco Jade interrupts, "Let's get serious.. the world is at stake here."

Marcus Bright agrees, "He is right.  Let us go now and fight this so-called King of Demons... our final quest."

The King then looks to your group, "You, will be our last hope if we cannot defeat Morteus Nethe.  If we perish in this fight, you will have to continue where we could not.  Your power is strong... use it justly and defeat his generals.  Without them, his armies will dissolve."

He hands Aldar a scroll, "This is the location of a weapon that our scouts have determined Morteus Nethe is desperately trying to attain.  It is said that he fears this weapon and wishes to find and destroy it so that it cannot be used against him.  Find this weapon... if we fail, it may be the only thing left in the world that can defeat him."

Chronos begins casting a spell, and in moments the Legendary Heros begin their final quest.

You descend the stairway as Aldar opens the scroll.  "The sacred cave..."

Passing through the Sacred Cave, your mind wanders to your fallen companions, and how everything started right here in this strange place.

You pass through the chamber of the Stone Guardian of Kord after disarming some traps.  You find the door to the Treasure Room, just like before.. when you first fought Gnasher after offering gifts of mind, value and heart to Kord.

You enter the treasure room, to see everything is just as you had left it... all but one thing.  The Cryptex begins to glow in Aldar's hand.  The pillar in the center of the room where the Black Box once sat begins to emit a strange glow.

Aldar then begins turning parts of the pillar, lights and text illuminate the walls around you.  He stops from time to time, looking at the symbols and referencing the book of ancient text that Chronos gave him.

Finally, he stops.  He looks upon the walls, turns dials on the Cryptex and in a blinding flash of light, the last section has been opened!

Next time on, "How many Legendary Heroes does it take to kill a Demon King", will the Cryptex's new power truly be able to defeat Morteus Nethe?  Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z... er.. Cryptex Rod C.  Whatever!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Kingdom of Shadows: Game 28

Chapter 3.8.1
“Kingdoms Shall Fall”

Adventure areas:  Celestia

Home.  It's a word you're not very used to anymore... for the second time in your life.

Yet somehow, you've managed to kill Ravenus, the 8th general of the Demon King's armies fighting for your new home.  You stand at the base of his encampment watching as his magical enchantments fade from the swarming demi-human forces who are much less invincible without them.

You can see the tide of war turn in the favor of your allies as a large vanguard force of Lion Knights charging at the flanks of the masses of greenskins, routing them off the battlefield.

In your heart, you know if you hadn't killed Ravenus.. this battle would have likely ended in the defeat of your friends.  You feel.. warm.  It increases to hot.. and then burning!

The sky darkens... fire and shadow begins raining down from the sky.
A column of flame erupts and reaches into the clouds at the center of the battlefield, burning hundreds of soldiers alive in an instant.  You can see the silhouette of a tall slender figure standing in the flame.  A terrifying, but familiar voice washes over you all...

"You think you've won.. your insolence has earned you this!  I shall show this world the power of Morteus Nethe!"

He raises up a black box, places an ancient golden key and turns the lock.

Opening the box was much like the force of a meteor striking the earth.  You can feel your feet leave the ground, flying through the air, your ears are ringing.. and then the pain comes as you land, crunching against the stone beneath you.  You touch your ears with your one arm that can still move, your fingers are now bloody.  You think your legs are broken... maybe everything is broken.  You can feel teeth missing with what's left of your tongue and what little vision you have is in one eye.

Flames pour over your body as you fall unconscious and the last thing you hear as you fade from life is the unworldly roar of some kind of nightmare.  All is quiet as you sleep.

"Wake up!"
You feel.. immense pain, but it's nothing like it was.  "Wake up!", you hear again.  Through blurred vision and a very bright, white light.. you can see a person standing over you.

You realize that you can hear again, and you notice odd ticking and beeping sounds chirping all around you.

Taking a moment to take in what is happening, you now understand that you're completely submerged in some kind of liquid as you float in a glass tank.

Your vision returns to you and staring at you is Sephora of Mechanus.  "Geeze am I glad I had tracking devices built into the Mechanus tech we built for you.. or else you'd have all been goners!"

You look around to see that your friends are also in tanks of liquid, some of them twitching as machines reconstruct their missing limbs and tissue.

"Pretty cool huh?!", she says gesturing to the tanks.  "It's just the latest in Mechanus tech, of course.  Now lets get you up and out of there!"

When Monsters Walked the Earth.
When your friends awaken, you're all ushered into a room with fresh clothes and you can see your gear in a locked container.

"Now that you're all here, you probably wanna know what happened out there."  You can see her face become more serious.  "Your army was defeated.  Those that survived that blast didn't stand a chance against that huge thing..."

"The thing he summoned from the portal?  Oh, I guess you must not remember after that blast..."

"Look, this is classified info, but I trust you.", she sighs and shakes her head.  "We have reason to believe this black box is the reason Ioun came back here.  And maybe why he left in the first place."

"Its called the Box of Planar Fusion.  Its origin is completely unknown but only to maybe Ioun and the gods themselves.  So far, we've managed to collect only a minute amount of data from it, but we now know it generates more power than a star.  Maybe two.  We haven't been 100% accurate with our cosmic energy readings... but you get the point.  It's pretty amazing, really!"

"From what we have gathered so far, this device has the ability to literally fuse or break apart things that are normally considered impossible by any means.  Even to deities!  That's literally altering reality!!"

"So far we've seen it fuse together and break apart entire planes of existence, even the opposing ones... never knew that was possible until now!  We've also seen it summon beings from Planes that we never knew existed, like what just happened to you."

"I guess we should get onto that subject.  Morteus Nethe used the box, possibly ignorant to its actual functions, and managed to summon what we've classified as a Titan.  We don't know much about the history of this planet before the time of Dragons, but our data shows other creatures existed here at the same time as Dragons, and they were the natural enemies of the Dragons.  Our best guess are the Titans.  Absolutely massive beings of destruction.  This was a time when monsters walked the earth.  How exciting!!"

Sephora "rings", and answers by speaking into some kind of large device.  "Yes.  They are awake.  huh?  Wait.. it's WHAT!??".

"Omaigawd..", she looks over at you.  "It's heading straight for Celestia."

For Celestia!
Sephora ushers you quickly to a ship dock and you board.  "Sit tight, I'll get us there."  You arrive at Celestia without any sign of the huge monster and alert the guards to prepare for battle.  You make your way to the Castle... but a dark shadow passes overhead.  Landing in the courtyard before you is the largest monstrosity you've ever seen!  A dragon!?

 - King and Dragon (Vassal) explain the history of the world, and the Titan/Dragon war from ages long past.
 - The Vassal explains that they banished the Titans after the war, and that there is little the dragons can do to stand against them now as they're going extinct.  "But... I will not let Celestia fall this day!"

The battle begins:  Celestia and the Silver Dragon known as the Vassal of Bahamut await the coming of the Titan.

In the distance you can see a massive silhouette and explosions every few moments as it breaks through the commons district.  You can already feel the heat the beast is emitting and it's still nearly a mile away.

The King's men prepare for the worst as the tower teams ready their ballistas with chains attached to the bolts.  The brave men of Celestia take a final position outside the gate as the beast breaks through the Noble District's walls.

The heat is as intense as standing next to the largest campfire as the beast approaches.  Now you can see it.. it moves much like a hellhound, biting and whipping huge chains around that seem to be attached to it's front legs.  Within moments, it arrives.  Its eyes full of chaos, its need for destruction never appeased.

The battle seems to last an eternity, wizards on the castle walls cast Ice spells down as the men of Celestia charge the beast.  The Abyssal Titan rears back and lets lose a massive wave of ultra hot energy that burns the entire regiment of men to dust.

Then the Vassal of Bahamut charges in.  After a short exchange of blows, the Dragon did all it could to aid dealing some terrible wounds to the Titan, but alas it was not enough!

Bursting through the castle walls, only you stand between the beast and the King!

Crushed by a chain, Aldar and his Edilon are fell. 
Jace is clawed off of the wall, falling to the courtyard ground below.
Dak Gorum was stomped on by the massive creature.
Fra'nik was incinerated by ultra hot flame.
Adio was mauled by the huge mouth of the Titan.

The only one left standing was Lawrence Von Schwab at his defensible position on the tower.  The beast turns to bring a chain down upon him, staggering from the wounds you've dealt it.  Lawrence lets loose his last shot as the King and his Honour Guard make their final charge.

The King's "Sunblade of Pelor" strikes true to the beast as Lawrence's bullet finds a tiny wound near the creature's heart and pierces its way through... and the beast falls.

Waking from unconsciousness, the group meets in the courtyard with the King as he provides some healing.  "So it is dead.."

As the King speaks the words, the beast stirs.

"REFORM!  AND FORM UP!  IT YET LIVES!", yells King Markus Bright.

The Abyssal Titan comes back to life seething with anger and revenge.

The Vassal makes his way over to the fight as you all fell the beast a second time.  "The ritual... it must be the only way to rid of it for good.  I'll begin.. keep it down!"

The Titan's will is impossibly strong as it revives two more times before the elder dragon can complete the ritual!

Now, with the ritual complete.. you fall to the ground in exhaustion.

"This day.. we have witnessed a being of true destruction and lived to tell the tale.", the King speaks.  He shakes his head and stares at the ground.  "If this is the power our enemy holds, what hope have we in this war?"

You wonder the same as you look around at the destruction this Titan has wrought...

... meanwhile, somewhere in the distant lands of Netheria, the Demon King sits upon his throne thoroughly satisfied.

"If only they knew the fate I have chosen for them.", he says with a smile.  "They would kill themselves now and rid their souls of endless, excruciating torture."

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kingdom of Shadows: Game 27

Chapter 3.7.1 “Homecoming”

Adventure areas: Godplane: Eternity Gate, Skyfield, Celestia

You find yourselves awake in your bodies back at the Godplane, Eternity Gate just as the Devil Lord Azmodan challenges you to fight!

This time, you easily dispatch the aggressor back into the Nine Hells, Spells, Arrows and Blades working in perfect harmony.

You turn to face the Angels, fighting off the assailing Devils and you feel as though something is changing.

You all look to Aldar, holding his father's codex. With a smirk on his face, he begins turning the dials as he remembers the combination the Omnicient Master had given him. With three of the four seals broken, time itself distorts around your group and you vanish to some other reality...

Home, sweet home!

BACK! To the Future
Aldar rolls 1d20 on the chart to see what Changes their actions have made:

1-5: Good: No changes! Bad: You arrive right after the death of Master Elodin. Faeden Sha then pierces the Queen through the heart with his dagger and they all teleport away!
6-10: Good: You arrive right after the Dragon Trials, the Dragonborn tell you they will ally with Celestia. Bad: The forces of the Sundown Islands have retreated from Etheros. (All except Buck Tidewell and Yoko Tidewell)
11-15: Good: You arrive right after the Dread Pirate is defeated and Buck Tidewell tells you he will ally with Celestia. Bad: The forces of the Drakengard have retreated from Etheros.
16-20: Good: You arrive just in time to save Master Elodin from a gruesome death at the hands of the Demon King. Your new powers combine to shield him from the Demon King's wrath. Bad: No changes!

BACK! To the Future
The party will fast forward now to the planning of the final battles of Etheros. They will devise a tactical plan along with members from each faction. The PC's will have to be present at each battle for it to be decisive.King Bright Speaks:
The Demon King's plans are to set one of his armies loose upon each faction in hopes to wipe it out completely, but we do not know it which order the attack will launch from, or when. We have, together, come up with a way to keep each of our Armies on standby to be instantly transported to any of the Capital Cities he is likely to target. This ability is however limited. (In game rules, this basically means you choose one army to deploy at each location.)”

Alarielle of the Elves Speaks:
Once the Demon King sees that we have answered, he is very likely to make a move onto another location at the same time. We cannot defend everywhere at once at full strength and we have not the time nor the resources to have all the citizens from all of Etheros migrated to one central location.”

Lord Brock of the Dwarves Speaks:
This is where you come in. Your group can act, as you always to, as the strike force we need to disable the enemy leadership. Most armies will fall apart once their leaders are defeated. These attacks are sure to happen quickly and you will have to be ready at moment's notice.”

Grand General Argos Welling Speaks:
Please prepare yourselves well. We have won some battles, but the true war is like to begin within days. There will be no more time for questing or resting.”

The Final Battles
  • Once an enemy has initiated a battle, the Forces of Good will have a chance to respond with one of its armies. Each army will then roll initiative on a d20 and compare results. The victor can choose which enemy score to attack with one of its attributes (Land/Air/Water). This is important as to where the battle is fought can have a major impact on the strength of each army as shown below and will not change once initiated. If there is a tie for initiative, roll again.
  • Each game there will be 3 rounds of fighting. Each side rolls a d20 and adds their Land/Air/Water score as shown below. For each win, the enemy score is reduced by 5 points. When a score reaches 0, that army force will flee leaving their general on the run!
  • A natural 20 on the dice will reduce the enemy score by 5 and will instantly restore 10 points to your maximum number. This cannot exceed your starting number.
  • The opposite effect will happen for each natural 1 on the dice. The army that rolled a 1 will automatically reduce their score by 5 and the opposing army gains 10 points up to their maximum number. This cannot exceed your maximum number.
  • If both sides roll the same “20” or “1” on the same round, they cancel each other out and there are no gains or losses.
  • If a score becomes so low that you cannot reach the enemy number, only a natural 20 will do!

Forces of Good: -10 if general is defeated
270 (Land 90/Air 95/Water 85) Mechanus: Unknown
255 (Land 85/Air 85/Water 85) Celestia: 70,000
230 (Land 75/Air 80/Water 75) Faydark: 45,000
225 (Land 80/Air 70/Water 75) Axengard: 35,000
220 (Land 70/Air 80/Water 70) Drakengard: 20,000
215 (Land 70/Air 70/Water 75) Melora Reinforcements: 25,000
195 (Land 60/Air 55/Water 80) Sundown Islands: 18,000
185 (Land 65/Air 55/Water 65) Underhill: 21,000

Forces of Evil: -10 if general is defeated
285 (Land 95/Air 95/Water 95) Morteus Nethe: Netheria Forces: Unknown
270 (Land 95/Air 90/Water 85) Shadelord Faeden Sha: Shade Forces – over 50,000
260 (Land 90/Air 85/Water 85) Aedark Vladicar & Desparacus Vayne: Undead Forces – over 300,000
255 (Land 85/Air 85/Water 85) Velari & Veliss Moondown: Drow Forces – over 140,000
245 (Land 85/Air 70/Water 90) Serpentlord Venous Na: Naga Forces – over 40,000
235 (Land 75/Air 80/Water 80) Witchmother Merilith Blight: Shadar-Kai Forces – over 120,000
225 (Land 80/Air 70/Water 75) Maxus the Destroyer: Orc Forces – over 500,000
210 (Land 75/Air 65/Water 70) Ravenus the Inscrutable: Hobgoblin & Bugbear Forces – over 300,000
190 (Land 60/Air 55/Water 75) Kord Reinforcements: Humans – over 50,000

Death Herald Karver: Goblin and Kobold Forces – Defeated!!

Ravenus, the Inscrutable:  DEFEATED!!!

Kingdom of Shadows: Game 26

Chapter 3.6.1 “Ascension”

Adventure areas: Godplane: Eternity Gate, Skyfield, The Far Realm

Eternity Gate, Skyfield
Fight with Azmodan, the Butcher!

The party finds themselves unable to defeat the greater Devil. Just before the last of them, Aldar, falls to their deaths, time freezes. A small oriental man teases Aldar about losing the fight to the Devil.

Hooo hooo!! I guess you weren't strong enough by yourself. How could I expect you to be.. you haven't completed your training yet. Nor have you forged your weapon. Come. We'll finish up and come back here once you and your friends are ready.”

The Far Realm: Nirvana
Training with the Legendary Master!

Back to Eternity Gate
Azmodan, Round 2!  This time, the group manages to beat him back to hell!

Home, sweet home.

Kingdom of Shadows: Game 25

Chapter 3.5.1 “Hell at Heaven's Gates”

Adventure areas: The Godplane
Important Objectives: Unlock the Cryptex, find a way home

You feel weightless as you find yourself floating on.. a cloud?!

Five suns shine down from an endless golden sky that looks like a never ending sunset.

You can see the glowing gates to what could only be the Godplane. Angels flutter about the gates as they begin marshaling a force of armored infantry to greet you, as you pick yourselves up from your arduous journey.

You can see now that hundreds of shining suits of armor are marching your way, halberds ready, as the angels float on white wings along side them.

Celestial Language required

“I am Zacharael, steward of the Dominion. We were not expecting any mortal entry to our gates.. and you are physical souls, not lost at all? How do you come to stand at the Godplane? It has been many years since anyone from your realm has set foot here.”, the angel's voice soothes your hearts.. except for Jace. His cloak is nearly quivering in fear behind him.

“It is unfortunate, but we cannot allow you to pass these gates, for you would cease to be mortal and would then be taken as a resident of our great plane forever. What quest brings you before us?”

A black, putrid arrow pierces the angel directly between the eyes, his halo of light explodes in a white flash of energy knocking you backwards!

You can see a dark cloud behind you forming and a red glow. The smell of sulfur and brimstone fills your nose. The legions of hell arise from their world as a massive army of Devils, lead by Asmodeus charge the Godplane's gates.

Infernal Language Required


The angels sound their trumpets as the gates of Heaven open, with the angelic army pouring out, hundreds at a time. Both sides prepare for battle, ground troops already beginning the charge.

“Now, you must choose...”, you hear a voice.. is that the Dweller? “Choose your fate.”

Angelic NPC's

The Seraphim: Seraphiel
The Cherubim: Cherubiel, Ophaniel, and Zophiel.
Thrones: Orifiel, Zaphkiel, Jophiel, and Raziel.
Dominations: Zadkiel, Hashmal, Zacharael, and Muriel.
Virtues: Uzziel, Peliei, Berbiel, Sabriel, Haniel, Hamaliel, and Tarshish.
Powers: Camael, Gabriel, and Vercheil.
Principalities: Nisroc, Hanieln, Requel, Cerviel, and Amael.
Archangels: Uriel, Raguel, Michael, Seraqael, Haniel, and Raphael.
Angels: Phaleg, Adnachiel, and Chayliel.

Big Battle!

Devil / Angel Army (Bearded = Angelic Armor, Erinyes = Angel, Bone & Barbed = Lords, Horned = Solar)

Wave 1
x20 Bearded Devils (Advanced, Augment Summoning, NO SPELL RESIST)

Wave 2
x1 Barbed Devils (Advanced, Augment Summoning, +2HD)
x2 Bone Devils (Augment Summoning)
x10 Bearded Devils (Advanced, Augment Summoning, NO SPELL RESIST)
x10 Erinyes Devils (Young, Augment Summoning, NO SPELL RESIST)

Wave 3
x2 Barbed Devils (Advanced, Augment Summoning, +2HD)
x3 Bone Devils (Augment Summoning)
x15 Bearded Devils (Advanced, Augment Summoning, NO SPELL RESIST)
x15 Erinyes Devils (Young, Augment Summoning, NO SPELL RESIST)

Wave 4
Horned Devil (Young, Augment Summoning, +2HD)


Friday, June 28, 2013

Kingdom of Shadows: Game 24

Chapter 3.4.1 “Planar Fusion”

Adventure areas: Plane of Water, The Nine Hells 
Important Objectives: Unlock the Cryptex, find a way home

Time is fleeting. You can feel the energy of the light pulling you to somewhere. Where is yet to be seen.

All you can remember is the light. A blinding flash of godlike power, tearing apart your molecular structure and transporting you to some other world. You can feel an intense heat as you seem to pass through one world, and then you can feel wind rushing all about you as you pass through another.

You land hard on the ground of an enormous plateau that reaches high into the night's sky of this new world.

You can see clearly into space; The Plane of Fire, Air and Water... even others you've never heard of.

Knowledge Planes:

DC less than 29 - You can only guess you are on some kind of planar crossroads.
DC 35 – There are ancient texts that mention a being called the “Dweller”.
DC 40 – This being has, from time to time, been known to aid those the universe chooses to defend it in very abstract and unfathomable ways.

“The Planes are shifting”, speaks Aldar. Looking to the sky, it's plain to see. The Fire plane converges with the Plane of Air violently, sending a giant flame across the cosmos. Then, only moments later they separate again.

This also happens to the Water Plane, before it goes back to it's normal state.

A slow, beguiling voice creeps over you, “I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I? ”

You can see a long rope bridge behind you that seems to stretch on forever. A ragged, cloaked figure in black floats before the bridge with large angelic wings protruding from it's back. The creature's dark hood showing no face beneath its robes. It stares on at you blankly, but you can feel this being is beyond mortal.

“The letter E is the answer to this... Enigma.”, it says the last word as its hood turns quickly in Aldar's direction.

In the flash of a millisecond the being is hood to face with Aldar, staring him down. You can see Aldar's discomfort as the creature appears before him.

It stares blankly for a moment. “An internal struggle haunts this one. An Enigma of his own, has he. If you wish to decrypt his Cryptex, you must find the next key.”

You ask the being many questions, but it doesn't answer anything but, “Many answers to one question, every world will fall. The one known as Morteus Nethe, he will destroy us all. Time is infinite, but never finite, yet your world has just fallen. You must find the answers for yourself, as you have become the chosen.”

The being shows you a vision of your world as it burns in the flames of defeat. All the cities of your allies lie in ruin and demons walk freely upon the land. There, sitting on his new throne in Celestia, the Demon King drinks the blood of your people from the skull of your King. The war is over... you have lost. How long have you been gone?!

Reality hasn't quite set in yet for your group.

The Dweller raises its hand and gestures to a point in space. The entire world spins using the bridge's farthest point as its axis. It turns to what seems to be another plane of existence.

Its cold voice leaves you with one last riddle of wisdom, “In your travels, you will fight Angels. You may befriend Devils and learn from Immortals. You have been shown the path, as destiny awaits. Only then shall time be relative and straight.”

You step foot on the bridge and walk toward your destination... ahead of you is an unknown swirling universe. Behind you, the strange being slowly disappears into the cosmos that surrounds him, fading more the farther you walk away. The bridge seems to span on forever.

Baator (Bottom Left)

How long have you been walking now? Has it been a day, a week? Months? Years? You feel no different, but something in your heart tells you... time is erratic here.

Looking over the bridge, you have seen galaxies form and die, suns go supernova and so much more that your medieval minds cannot even begin to comprehend. Walking on for what seemed to be an eternity, you feel as though you are dreaming. Your mind awakens from the smell of sulfur as you find yourselves standing on brimstone at the Gates of Hell; “Ribcage”.

Objectives:  Find the 9 Gates – PC's must get to the lowest level of hell.


Avernus – The PC's choose to enter through Tiamat's lair on the first Gate in the large plane of Hell, known as Avernus.  They find a dying bearded devil there, speaking nonsense as it seems Tiamat has been out hunting and left this one barely alive to hunt for more.  After a bit of torture from the party, he tells them to enter Tiamat's giant lair to find a Gate to the next plane down, Dis.

Dis - The party finds themselves in the second hellplane, Dis.  They easily navigate the plane with the help of their new recruit, the sniper Lawrence, whose skills in stealth tactics seem insurmountable.  He helps the party avoid detection and finds the third Gate; The Gate to Minauros.

Minauros - Minauros, a great city of devils.  The scent of mortal flesh drew in a host of violent attacks as the party rushes quickly to find the next Hellgate.  After much effort, and losing their way many times, Jace finally leads the group to the next Gate.

Phlegethos - The Hellplane of Magma, a burning world that is said to power Hell itself is nothing but a sea of lava, brimstone and huge firey dragons.  Luckily, Frank's sword has been to this plane before and easily helps the party find their way through and to the next Gate, which lies in the center of a dormant volcano.

Stygia - The plane of boiling blood, home to the great river Styx, that flows through all Hellplanes, torments this land.  All manner of Devils are found here, and wandering souls being harvested in the massive, boiling river of blood.  The party finds the next Gate again quickly, and fortunately.  Staying here too long would have consequences.

Malbolge - The Graveplane.  Shrines to destroyed souls that are prized by the Devil Lords rest here.  A dedication to the destruction of all that is Holy and Good.  Running from Azmodan, the group manages to escape their doom at the Devil Lord's hands and passes through the next Gate.

Maladomini - Hellplane of the Devilmother.  This is where devils are born into the world from the souls of the damned.  The party manages again to traverse this world unseen with the help of Frank's sword and Lawrence's stealth skills.  The next Gate stands before you.

Cania - Plane of the Pitlords.  This is the land of Devilish Royalty.  The only way to the next Gate is through the massive firey keep of Mephisto, Lord of Carnage.  As Lawrence's skills fail him at a crucial moment, he is seen and the castle before them is alerted of their advance.  In a fantastic display of flying through the castle, Mephisto lashes out with his power to create a firey explosion just as the party finds the gate, blasting them through it as the Devil Lord curses them with an Infernal bellow!

Nessus - The ninth and final Hellplane, the home of the Lord of Darkness, Asmodeus.  In a flash, the party falls onto a circular platform made of cooled brimstone, etched with ancient Infernal runes.  Before you, sitting on his throne is the Lord of all Devils and creator of The Nine Hells.

"Welcome.. to the realm of Asmodeus, the Archfiend, Dark Prince, The first God-Fiend, Lord of Darkness and Ruler of Hell.", speaks the herald of Asmodeus as he steps down from the throne of skulls to greet you.

"That is enough, Basileus.  They know who I am.  Tell me mortals... why have you come before me?", he pauses for a moment and then stands up slowly.  "ACTUALLY... I already know.  I've heard whispers of a mortal with an ancient artifact that he cannot unlock.  That must be you.", he motions toward Aldar.

Aldar turns white as a ghost when the Lord of all Hell stares into his eyes.  "I..", he begins to say.

"I.. am a generous host.  I am known to love bargains.. I'll make a bargain with you all.. I'll give you the answers you want.  You must only sign my contract to offer me your souls for eternity.", he smiles and laughs; a growling snarl on his face.

"As a token of my.. goodwill.  I'll decode your cryptex.  Then, we can get to the contracts.", he says reaching out his hand as the cryptex appears in his hand.

He looks over the runes, "Hmmm.. I haven't seen this text in a millennia.  It is very old."

He turns the dials for a moment, perplexed.  "Ahhh.. yes.  There is the missing link.", he turns the last dial.

An amazing display of holy power opens a hole in the sky when he reads the last rune.  Aldar's protective spell, taught to him by Chronos, throws the King of Devils away from the cryptex as it hovers back over to Aldar's open hand.  As he reaches out to take it, the power covers over his allies and in a flash of Celestial power, they are gone... the sound of Infernal hatred follows them as Asmodeus' rage is set upon them.

With two sections of the cryptex opened, the PC's are instantly transported to another plane of existence... The Godplane.

Next time on, "Aych-E-Double-Hockeysticks!?", did you really just go through all 9 gates of hell and swindle the Lord of Darkness, Asmodeus!?  And how did a Sniper from Mechanus manage to sneak the party all the way down there!?  Only the next brimstone-burning, devil-tricking game will tell!